Spray Tan Koebana

sc spraytanSpray Tan Koebana

Spray tanning is the new UV-free tanning service which is quick to apply, safe and healthy. The koebana tanning solution is sprayed onto the client containing an approved ingredient called DHA. The end result is a gorgeous golden bronze tan that fully develops in 8 hours. The tan will last on average 7 to 10 days, depending on the skin type as wel[ as post tan maintenance and care.
It's far healthier than the sun, the level of the tan can be adjusted according to your desired colour, and it's streak-free!

How to ensure that you get the perfect spraytan results?

  • Shower and shave all the necessary areas before your appointment.
  • Be sure to remove ALL traces of cream and Deodorant from your body and under-arms.
  • Remove all make-up.
  • Exfoliate and remove all dead cells as far as possible using a loofa or a body scrub.
  • Bring along some loose fitting dark clothing to wear after the spraytan has been applied.
  • After the tan has been applied, stay away from water for 8 hours, after which you may take a shower or bath.
  • After taking your first shower or bath, be sure to apply body lotion twice daily to ensure a long-lasting tan.
  • Do not take long hot baths or showers, and the less friction from rubbing with a towel or sponge, the better. You want to keep your newly tanned cells in tact for as long as possible!


Full body spray tan, natural look R 270