Hands and Feet

sc handsfeetLet me transform your hands and feet so that you no longer feel the need to hide them!
Mani's and pedi's both include a good soak, pushing back and nipping of the cuticles, filing and buffing of the nails, a massage and a proper paint job! With the pedi your heels will be properly filed, and for very dry feet or hands I also offer a paraffin dip to deeply moisturise, especially great to do during the winter months!

Biosculpture gel in a variety of colours is on offer for those looking for something to keep their nails from breaking and their nail colour from chipping. It keeps your nails looking lovely and neat and strong for weeks. Special care is taken when preparing or soaking the nails so as to ensure that the absolute minimum damage is done to your natural nails.


Manicure R 140
Pedicure R 160
Buff and paint hands/feet R 100
Nail art per nail R 10
Parrafin dip hands/feet R 80
Gel overlay hand/toes R 200
Gel overlay plus soak R 230
Gel Fill R 190
Gel full set of tips R 260
Soak off R 40
Acrylic can be done on an advanced request